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Exciting Passive Affiliated Marketing Proposal from SACTI

Would you like to be paid for a no-risk business opportunity?

Who has not dreamt about a passive income and how great it would be to have your bank balance tick over positively with little or no effort on your part? 

Let’s be frank, in hindsight we can probably all identify a few opportunities that have come our way over the years, which we passed on, for whatever reason. 

So in brief, who is SACTI?  SACTI (South African Commercial Tenants institute) is a subscription company offering its commercial tenant members a collective voice, guidance and a sharing of knowledge, ways to save time and money, information on the minimizing of risk, provides updates on the law, and so much more – all to keep our member tenant on top of their game in the commercial leasing space. We sincerely believe that SACTI offer something good to society. We offer dispute resolution and negotiation expertise to resolve potential conflict and access to competent and reasonable legal representation, if the legal route is the only one to follow.

Why are you uniquely positioned to take advantage of the SACTI proposal?

Most professionals today have accumulated a client database.  These clients all have different demographics and characteristics and are sourced from a large cross section of our South African business community.  A large component of these clients will be commercial tenants and the ideal SACTI member. Even clients in your database that may be holding a managerial position report to somebody that has to pay the office rent, retail or factory space. So not only does SACTI offer a long-awaited source of expertise and knowledge for the commercial tenant, you will be providing your client with an additional service add, by connecting them with SACTI.

Privacy and Intellectual Property Concerns   With our privacy laws some of you may be thinking that it could be risky to allow third-parties access to your client database.  Well, we are not asking you to take that risk!  Your database remains your exclusive property, you do not sell your database or give anyone else access to it.

What is SACTI’s passive income proposal?  We would like to offer you an opportunity to utilize your database to introduce and market SACTI through passive affiliation

Our registration process makes clear provision for subscribers to capture who introduced them or assisted them and we can clearly see who introduced them to SACTI.  No need to worry that your referrals and resultant passive income will fall through the cracks.  It does not matter where you are situated in South Africa, you can participate.  SACTI is a national company.

How does this work?  We will provide you with an electronic emailer template and all you will do is send it to your client database.  We will also provide you with an Internet banner, which and we recommend you display on your website providing a Link to the SACTI website.  Every time one of your clients subscribe, you will earn commission from your passive affiliation with SACTI.  You will receive 10% of the total subscription amount.  E.g. if 100 of your clients subscribe or 100 subscribers capture your name in the registration form, upon receipt of their subscription fee, you will earn R18,000.00.  Similarly, 1000 subscriptions will equate to R180 000.00 and so on. See our Terms and Conditions.

We even have people getting involved on a personal level by directly marketing this and taking this prospect as a freelance sales executive, physically visiting commercial retail spaces and offices marketing the subscriptions.

To sum up!!   All you need to do is register your details, we will send you all the information you need to get started.  If you have a question, you can lodge your question electronically on our website under the Affiliation tabAsk a Question”.

So don’t let this opportunity pass you by, register now!