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If you are a commercial tenant who has had a dispute with your Landlord you will no doubt now know that our laws do not provide adequate protection for the commercial tenant.  In fact few of the provisions in our law protecting the residential tenant are applicable to the commercial tenant.

As a consequence, commercial tenants believe that their only course of action, when faced with a dispute, is the traditional litigation route, and it is common cause that this course of action often results in extreme financial cost and personal stress and sacrifice.

These are some of the reasons why SACTI was formed, we are an organization that will offer you a collective voice as well as supply you with information and guidance on how to protect your rights.

Within the spirit of transformation, the South African Law Reform Commission and our legislators are sending a strong message that there is no longer a place for draconian and one sided lease agreements.  The landlord can no longer expect to have its own way on all issues, the terms of a commercial lease agreement now need to be fair to both the landlord and the tenant.

So, if you feel that you need someone on your side as a commercial tenant, become a member of SACTI.

Many commercial landlords welcome SACTI. The availability of a dispute resolution process and the provision of relevant information avoid unnecessary cost to all parties concerned and keep the relationship positive and profitable.

8 Reasons why you should join SACTI today!

  1. We give you a voice.

As a society we make a lot of provision for the residential lease market by way of the Rental Housing Act, Consumer Protection Act and very good guidelines in terms of evictions and prosecution. The residential tenant is adequately protected in various ways. It pains us to say that such extensive protection does not apply so much to you as a commercial tenant. Those of you who have been in a serious disagreement with your commercial landlord will know exactly what we mean. Now you have a place to go.

  1. We are here to guide you.

This membership will give you exclusive access to our helpdesk. You’ll be able to check in with us electronically and will receive a response within 48 hours on a question you may have or even if you’re facing a serious problem. Maybe you’re signing a new commercial contract and would like us to negotiate a particular segment, or you will just feel better if we have a look at the contract as well.  

  1. We save you time and money.

We are here to assist you and ensure that you get guidance and assistance in the shortest possible time. As a member of SACTI you will be directed in the best possible way that will save money, time and stress from not knowing where to turn and what your next step should be.

  1. We minimize your risk.

By having access to information and the ability to communicate with legal experts regarding a possible perception or interpretation that may place (or not place you at risk, but you are not sure) without having to spend exorbitant amounts on legal fees, is invaluable in today’s world.

  1. We keep you informed and updated.

We’ll frequently update you with changes in our law, best practices, general pitfalls and even important recent court judgements that may involve commercial tenants and landlords. You’ll also be invited to seminars and workshops to expand your general knowledge regarding contract law and commercial leases and related fields.

There are excellent commercial landlords and we’ll communicate the value-adding practices from these landlords that keeps the landlord and tenant relationship positive and profitable.

  1. We CONNECT you in three very important ways.

Firstly, you will be part of a great community of commercial tenants with access to our Facebook page and membership on the SACTI group. On this group you’ll be able to post a question and very often we find that individuals in similar situations, our fellow commercial tenants, have a wealth of experience to give you some suggestions and helpful information.

Secondly, as part of our service we’ll put you in direct communication with one of our highly equipped panel attorneys who have signed a service level agreement with SACTI to ensure that cost and service with a litigation matter remains excellent and reasonable. Now you no longer have to wonder where you should go.

Thirdly and very importantly, we endeavor to keep the relationship between you and your landlord positive and profitable for both parties.

  1. Access to documentation, contracts and forms.

As a member you’ll be able to download or submit a request for important and very needed forms and documentation, for example “an acknowledgement of debt” at a fraction of the price.  

  1. You can help us shape the future of commercial lease legislation and agreements.

As a united voice SACTI will make recommendations regarding possible legislative changes to our law-makers and will speak out regarding unfair and unilateral terms and conditions that we so often see in our agreements and in the industry.